Downtown Chico

5 Websites About Chico, CA With Great Design

Looking to learn more about Chico? Whether you're looking for things to do, information about the city government, or news, there's some great websites about Chico. Here's some of the best we found that demonstrate what good web design looks like.

Chico, CA is a great place to live. It's far enough away from major cities to have a small town feel, but you'll find plenty to do any everything you need, yet it's a short drive to Sacramento and the airport. If you love outdoor activities, restaurants, bars, or small retail shops, you'll find something to do. highlights all of the great businesses and things to do around Chico's beautiful downtown. The site makes great use of colors, images, and fonts. It's also filled with lots of useful information, and works great on mobile devices. This is a great example of good web design.

City of Chico

City of Chico website

The City of Chico's official website has an amazing looking design. It makes great use of colors, fonts, space, and images. Not only does it look great, but it makes it easy to find the information you're looking for. This website is a great example of good web design.

The website has an updates section, with news about what's going on with the city government. This site's beautiful design, ease of use, and transparency of information leaves a great impression on the City of Chico, like any good website should do. is one of Chico's local newspapers. Their website covers local news for all of Butte County. While like many news websites, it feels a bit cluttered in many places. Understandably, they need ads placed throughout the site to make money, so this can be mostly forgiven.

This website is a great resource if you live in Butte County, and the design looks professional, on par with most other news sites. The site's categories make it easy to find what you're interested in, and the articles are well designed and easy to read.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co website

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, one of the things Chico is best known for, has a very well designed website. The homepage of the website has some great photography that highlights some of their different beers, along with catchy headlines.

With a website like this, there are a few different things a visitor might be looking to do. They may just be looking to learn more about the company, which is easy with the site's well designed navigation. If you're looking to order beer or visit one of their locations in Chico or Mills River, NC, then that information is also easy to find from the top navigation bar.


Woodstock's Pizza chico website

Woodstock's is a pizza restaurant in Chico, CA. They have a great looking website that demonstrates many aspects of good web design. The colors, images, and fonts are all on-brand and coherent. This website makes the most important things for a restaurant, like the address, phone number, and current deals the easiest to find. website

While this website isn't about Chico, is a local business with a great e-commerce website. Their website is well organized, making it easy to find any of the thousands of items they have available. If you're an existing customer, it's easy to track your orders or find related information.

The website has additional features like their project manager. You can add items for a given home improvement project to a list, so they're all together when it's time to order and start the project. For a large e-commerce site like Build, it's important to have a well designed website that makes it easy for customers to find items and encourages them to buy, and this site hits all the marks.

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