Why Page Speed is Massively Important in 2020

At Bidwell Websites, we obsessively optimize every website for the best page speed, making them load as fast as possible. Many websites are weighted down with excessive code from unneeded plugins, unnecessarily large themes, unneeded fonts, and large images. We strive to eliminate all of this extra bloat so your site will load as fast as possible.

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

With nearly 50% of all web traffic now coming from mobile devices, it's important that your site loads fast, even on sometimes slow and unreliable cellular connections.

When your site is slow to load, many visitors will get tired of waiting and leave before they've had a chance to use the site.

Google has publicly stated that page speed is a ranking factor. They always want to show the most relevant and quality websites for any given search, and when your site loads slowly, that tells them some users may have a poor experience. If you want better rankings, page speed matters.

Just take a look at our results. BidwellWebsites.com achieves a perfect score on Google's PageSpeed Insights tool.

Perfect 100 page speed score

Compared to some of our local competitors, this is a world's difference. We're not trying to throw anybody under the bus, so the names have been removed, but these are some of the top results if you search Google for "chico web designer." If you'd like, can run the PageSpeed Insights tool for yourself.

We believe slow websites like these are unacceptable. With a bit of extra effort, any website should be optimized for fast loading. In our view, no website is complete until it's been optimized for speed.

How Do We Achieve Amazing Page Speed?

Our websites aren't built with pre-made themes or templates, which often include an excessive amount of JavaScript and CSS, most of which is not needed for the website to function or to display correctly. We build custom templates for our websites that are free from this kind of bloat.

Generally, we build websites with WordPress, since it gives our clients the freedom to easily make changes to their website. Often slow sites, like our competitors sites, are also built with using WordPress.

Without taking care to disable large WordPress plugins in favor of alternatives, building custom templates instead of using a heavy pre-made theme, and some other tweaks to the default WordPress installation, websites tend to load slowly. We won't skip these extra steps or take the easy way out, creating a website that might look good, but performs terribly.

Loading an excessive number of files is a big reason for a website to be slow. With our sites, we combine all JavaScript into one file, and combine all CSS so that web browsers won't have to spend extra time requesting extra files.

We also disable default WordPress features that cause extra code to be loaded when they aren't used to keep things even smaller.

Another problem that plagues many websites is large images, perhaps one of the biggest, yet easiest reasons to fix for a slow loading website. We resize images so they're no larger than needed, compress them, and apply other optimizations to help them load quickly.

Want a Fast Website Like Ours?

Whether you have an existing website or not, we'll work to create a beautiful website that's modern looking, mobile friendly, and fast. We don't stop until your website looks fantastic and works great on any device.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us, and we'll discuss your needs. We'll come up with a plan, and we can get started building your perfect website.

Whether you need a simple single page site, or something more complex, we'll work with you and make sure your needs are met.

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