Want to learn more about how we build great websites?

At Bidwell Websites, we'd like to share some of our knowledge about how to build great looking, fast websites. Read on to learn about our tips for web design and development, local SEO, WordPress, and more.

5 Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Google's algorithm is secret and guarded, but some of algorithm's ranking factors are well known. Here are the top things we focus on for better rankings.

5 Websites About Chico, CA With Great Design

Chico, CA is a great place to live with some well designed websites. Here's some great websites from Chico that we didn't build.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin? The big 3 compared.

There a quite a few options when it comes to Wordpress SEO plugins. We've compared three of the most popular: Rank Math, Yoast, and All In One SEO Pack.

Web design color theory? Captivate your audience with the right color choices.

These quick color theory tips will help give a better understanding of how to design with human psychology in mind, further optimizing your website.

Responsive design? Get perfect layouts on all devices.

Responsive design an essential tool for the modern web, allowing for layouts that work well no matter if a desktop, laptop, or smartphone is being used.

6 Rules for Good Web Design

What makes for good web design? You can tell when a website looks good, but it's less obvious why. Read on to get some clarity on the process of web design.

6 Elementor Tricks For Huge Speed Improvement

With Elementor, it’s easy to design custom templates for WordPress sites. It can also easily slow things down. Here’s some tips for better Elementor page speed.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Security and Speed

Wordpress plugins make the popular CMS very powerful, but give lots of room for mistakes. Learn to keep your Wordpress site safe from hackers, and keep it fast.

What is Local SEO? Drive your site towards the top of Google.

How can grow your business with the help of local SEO? You'll gain tons of excited potential customers with your name near the top for popular local searches.

Why Page Speed is Massively Important in 2020

At Bidwell Websites, we obsessively optimize websites for perfect page speed. We'll make your website load in a flash, even on slow connections and old devices.
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